Lost Your password?

Lost your password? PC Stopped working? Want to setup or install your new computer, connect a digital device, don’t know how to use an application or have problems with your computer, give us a call and our qualified technician will be assisting you on-site or remotely via remote support.

Wifi and Networking

Whether your having problems with dropped connections, internet inactivity or your unsure how to properly configure your internet, we will get you up and running.We are experts with Routers, Hubs & Switches, Modems (ADSL, Cable & Dial-Up) and Wireless devices

Booting Problem

Is your Windows Laptop or MacBook not booting? Continuosly going into Repair Mode, or appears to be in a loop where it restarts without loading to the desktop?

These symptoms can be because of file system corruption, missing system files or problems with the hard drive. With a File System repair - we diagnose the fault and carry out the necessary repair to get your computer up and running. If it is virus related or a problem related to something else we always let you know first before carrying out any repair.

Screen Replacement

Unfortunately one of the most expensive parts of a laptop computer is its display and if it breaks there is not much an end-user can do to fix it. If your laptop display is cracked, broken, or otherwise physically damaged, we can replace this.

Computer Viruses Removal

Do you have an anti-virus program installed on your computer to protect your system and data from being infected by computer virus? Computer virus can cause damages to your valuable data or even spreading to your family and friend’s computer when you send e-mails or share files

Data Backup and Recovery

Accidentally delete an important file or photo? We can run professional data recovery software to recover all possible files. We can show you the proper way to backup data whether its just a few files or the entire hard drive. We can also set your system to periodically backup your data to the time frame that suits you best.

Apple Mac and Laptop Repairs

Dropped your Laptop and broken the Power connector? No longer charging, or turning ON. Lost your password?

Student Computer Services have the tools to fix many, and we charge considerably less than PC World and all the other Computer Repair shops.

Computer Optimization / Tune Up

Does your computer boot up slowly or running application slowly that makes you wait? Our optimization service can improve the performance of your computer and help you to improve your productivity.

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